Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3 Days. Please go by quickly.
Don't worry, Mom- we have lots of this:
We are so excited for THIS.

For Drew's birthday (March 23), our families all contributed money towards one collective present: A super nice Canon T2i DSLR Camera. He was thrilled (and only mildly surprised)! As my sister, Ann, was so kind to point out, he and I do not share well. Because of course then I wanted a camera. So Drew let me browse the KSL Classifieds, and we found one. And Drew spoiled me and let me get it. The following are pictures I have taken with my new toy. Its pretty fun- no wonder there are so many photographers out there!
Is this face not the cutest thing you have ever seen? And you should see it when she smiles. Oh my. Heart throb.

And these two... they are just best friends.
And this boy... has my entire heart. Just look at that face.

Monday, April 30, 2012


The last few months of our lives have been completely consumed by school, work, choir performances, and this wonderful production. In December, we were asked to play Joseph and Mary in our Stake's Christmas Party/Nativity. We sang a simple, beautiful song about Christ as a baby. Then, a couple weeks later, the director of that performance emailed us to inform us that the Stake was going to put on The Sound of Music, and she would like us to audition for Liesl and Rolf.
And the rest is history.
We have so enjoyed doing this together! Pictured is '16 Going on 17', which features the only stage kiss in the entire production. We were asked multiple times whether we actually kissed, if we were brother and sister (Really, people? Really?), and finally if we were married. Everyone was overjoyed by the fact that we are indeed married, we did really kiss, and simply that we were blessed to be able to perform together. Working with Drew is so much fun. Not only is he a very talented actor and incredible singer, but he's also the cutest telegram boy I've ever seen!