Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My dear, sweet Grandmother passed away yesterday afternoon, after 91 years, 2 months and 2 days of a wonderful, fulfilling life. She has been the ultimate example to me of generosity, consistency, and goodness. How blessed I have been to have her as such a huge part of my life! 

She received the best Christmas present of all: A reunion with her sweetheart, my Grandpa. He passed away 28 years ago- I can't even fathom missing someone so much for so long. And now they are together again! This solidifies my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; because of the Atonement and the incredible covenants we make in the Temple, we are able to be reunited with our loved ones after this life. 
As her family we have been so blessed these last few weeks. Everything has happened so quickly, with changes taking place every day, we are grateful she didn't have to linger. What a blessing!

Grandmother, we love you dearly. 'Til we meet again!