Thursday, October 21, 2010


 This last Sunday my family decided to have a Pumpkin Carving 'Contest'. It was so fun to have everyone all together having a good time and being festive. Naturally "Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin" was playing in the background.

Jacob wanted to help - - - - >

But that pumpkin was too big....

so we got him a  
Jacob Sized pumpkin.

< - - - - -

Jane's pumpkin was a Cyclops.... This is Jane imitating her pumpkin.
Right before we started, Mike picked Vanessa up at the airport... She spent a fun weekend in San Francisco with her sister Krista... and right after that plane ride she was such a good sport to come and carve pumpkins with us!

Jake took care of Jacob while Ann was hard at work on their family pumpkin.

The finished products: from L-R: Jane with her Cyclops, Me with my accidentally decapitated spider, Mike and Vanessa with the Man with a Knife in his Head (Don't worry- on the porch the knife is just a little plastic one rather than the real thing shown here....), The Despains created an Owl, and Drew showed his Utah Man spirit with a 
wonderful U of U! [Photos courtesy of the Parents]

Forgive the blur... My camera was having issues with the flash. BUT! Halloween night will be so fun and festive on my parents' front porch!

 It was so fun to have everyone there... to spend time with each of the family and to celebrate the Fall season! 



  1. You are hereby not aloud to post any unattractive pictures of anyone... :)

    And I guess I'll try to be more photogenic.
    Thanks for putting together a fun night!

  2. Gourd impersonations qualify as unattractive pictures too!

  3. So this one time I found out you had a blog. And I love it! Wish we lived closer so we could play with you guys more!